LEPA Countertop Digital Drinking Water Dispenser (Chilled/Warm/Hot)


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Product Description

  • Chilled / Warm / Hot water with high temperature boiling
  • ECO design
  • Single effluent mode
  • Food grade SUS304 stainless steel
  • Built-in functions for fully automatic high-temperature sterilization and timing drainage
  • Chilled / Warm / Hot water independent display signs
  • Boiling, continuous water & sleep woke keys
  • Two-buttons hot water lock
  • Heating stops when overheating of incoming water
  • Automatic switch function of hibernation in weekends can help conserve energy
  • For Foodservice / Offices / Schools / Public Service Organizations / Club Houses / Workshops applications

Quality Certification

Commodity Inspection Bureau Certification CNS 3910, 3765, 13783-1 and IEC60335-2-15

Hygiene and Safety International OHSAS 18001

International Quality Certification ISO9001 and CNS12681

Environmental Protection and Energy-saving Certification

Compliant with HKPC testing standard (Lead Free)

Taiwan Excellence 2016

RoHS Compliant

Made-in-Taiwan (MIT)

Additional information

Dimensions 27.5 × 16.1 × 20
Cold-tank Capacity


Hot-tank Capacity


Warm-tank Capacity



(Hot)1750W / (Chilled)250W (AC 220V)


AC 110V/220V 60 Hz

Outlet Water Temperature

(Hot) 90℃~100℃、(Warm) 20℃~50℃、(Chilled) 6℃~15℃


SUS304 Stainless-steel for water tanks, stainless-steel for case