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Is it safe to drink filtered tap water without boiling?

Undoubtedly, tap water is safe to drink after being filtered by USA Pentair Everpure filtration system. Many well-known brands, like Starbucks, Pret A Manger and Hong Kong Disneyland, make coffee or beverages using the premium water which has gone through Pentair Everpure filtration.

What are the benefits of using water filtration system that facilitates direct drinking after filtration?

Water storage is not needed, reducing the risk of secondary contamination and bacterial growth. No electricity is needed. It also helps to retain vital minerals found naturally in water and prevent limescale buildup. Besides, it is eco-friendly as it helps to reduce the use of plastic bottled water.

Have Pentair Everpure drinking water systems been certified?


  • Certified by NSF International to NSF/ANSI Standard 42 and 53
  • Rated as top-notch by US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA EST. NO. 002623-IL-002)
  • Some filter cartridges are designed for particular situations and can filter out specific contaminants, like H300NXT filter was certified to NSF/ANSI 401 and can reduce pharmaceuticals that may be found in water.


For details, please refer to Pentair Everpure – International Certification

How often should I change the filter cartridges?

The filter cartridges have to be replaced at least once a year to ensure proper functionality. The frequency of filter changes also depends on your water quality and water usage. For example, if there are a lot of sediments in the water, you will have to change filters more frequently. Drop in flow rate may indicate the need of filter replacement.

If the filter cartridge has been left unused for a long time, will there be bacterial growth?

There is no bacterial growth inside the filter cartridge for the following reasons:

  • Tap water contains chlorine which can kill bacteria
  • There are no nutrients for bacterial growth inside the cartridge
  • There is an inhibitor of bacterial growth inside the cartridge


However, if the filter cartridge has been left unused for a long time, there will be bacteria attached to the water outlet due to exposure to the air. It is recommended to let water flow for about 3 minutes after reusing the filter.


Even if the filter cartridge has been left unused for a long time, it has to be replaced al least once a year to ensure high filtration performance.

Should water be stored in a container after being filtered by Pentair Everpure drinking water system?

It should not be stored in a container for a long time. One of the features of Pentair Everpure is “direct drinking right after filtration”, preventing from secondary contamination due to storage issue or carelessness.


In case drinking water storage is a necessity in districts with water supply issue, it is recommended to use containers with bacteria killing function and good sealing performance. Storage period should be as short as possible, as the filtered water does not contain any residual chlorine. If bacteria enter the water, they will grow in number and become harmful to health.

Is there any warranty period for Pentair Everpure water filtration products? What does the warranty cover?

  • The warranty period is usually one year as from installation date. For installation or cartridge replacement, we offer 1-year on-site maintenance service for free and quality guarantee.
  • 6-year Renewal Plan (offered by Richform Holdings Limited): Provided that the customer has fully paid the fee for 5 consecutive cartridge replacements (at least one cartridge per year), the whole set of drinking water system will be replaced with a new one for free when the cartridge is changed for the 6th time.

There are no apparent differences for water quality before and after filtration.

Many contaminants in water are invisible or tasteless, but pose a threat to health. Unless the water is too turbid or with taste before filtration, it is difficult to spot the differences. Other methods to prove the differences, like residual chlorine test, involve the use of apparatus for analysis or laboratory test.


Pentair Everpure drinking water system can filter out particles as small as 0.5 micron in size (or even 0.2 micron for some filters), including substances that cause cancer and contaminants invisible in water. This helps to ensure drinking water safety.

Why is there white sediment occasionally after the water filtered by Pentair Everpure system has been boiled?

Usually it would only happen in areas where the content of calcium and magnesium ions is relatively high. Retaining vital minerals and trace elements found naturally in water is one of the prominent features of Pentair Everpure water filtration systems. When temperature rises, solubility decreases. These minerals will then condense into sediments or particles suspended in water.


Occasionally this phenomenon also occurs in cold water. It is related to the alkalinity of water. During ice making process, as temperature drops to freezing point, the solubility of water with high mineral content also decreases, leading to the formation of white sediment.


No worries. This white sediment is not harmful to health and does not affect the quality of water filtered by Pentair Everpure products.

If a heat source (like gas cooker) is close to where Pentair Everpure drinking water system is installed, would it affect the functionality?

Pentair Everpure drinking water system should be installed as far away from the heat source as possible. If this cannot be prevented due to limited space, please make sure that the inlet water temperature of the system does not exceed 38℃

I am going to move, so I need to move my Pentair Everpure drinking water system into my new house. Will the functionality be affected?

No, the functionality will not be affected, as long as there is no severe vibration in the transportation process, causing damage to the filter cartridge and leakage of activated carbon. It is recommended to re-install and reuse the cartridge within 2 or 3 days. In order to ensure smooth transportation and re-installation, you are advised to use our related service.

Under what circumstances will the flow rate of the drinking water system diminish?

The pore size of Pentair Everpure filter membrane is as small as 0.5 micron (or even 0.2 micron for some filters). If the filter cartridge has not been replaced regularly (capacity has exceeded the limit) or the water is too turbid, the pores will be blocked, preventing water from getting through. The flow rate will then diminish. Finally the cartridge will become saturated.


Other reasons for “filter cartridge saturation”:

  • Water hardness or total dissolved solids (TDS) is relatively high, leading to blockage of the pores of filter membrane.
  • The water has not undergone treatment (e.g. water source: underground water, well water, spring water) and is not up to drinking water standards.

Someone used electrolysis for product testing, comparing the water being treated by different products. The result showed that Pentair Everpure filtered water become multi-colored, while the other one remains as it is. Why is it like that?

This product demo tried to use electrolysis to show if minerals or chemicals were being removed. If there were conductive minerals in water, chemical reaction occurs.


As Pentair Everpure drinking water systems can retain vital minerals and trace elements found naturally in water, it is normal to have chemical reaction and the water appears multi-colored. However, the demonstrator misleads consumers by depicting it as being polluted. In the US, the Water Quality Association (WQA) issued a warning about the lack of integrity which is evident in this kind of product demo.