PENTAIR EVERPURE PRFRO Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water System


Product Highlight:
No Storage Tank is needed; no secondary contamination
Less Wasted Water


Product Description

  • Continuous Flow – No Storage Tank Needed, reducing the risk of secondary contamination
  • No Pump Or Electricity
  • Consistent membrane Efficiency
  • Delivers up to 2,600 liters per day
  • High Recovery System – Less Wasted Water goes down the drain

Additional information

Dimensions 10.56 × 1.56 × 20
Rated Capacity


Temperature Requirements

4 – 38°C

Pressure Requirements


Operation Tips

PRF-RO Replacement Carbon Pre-filter & Post-filter : To be replaced every 2 years, PRF-RO Reverse Osmosis Membrane:To be replaced twice a year

Replacement Cartridge

PRF-RO Membrane (TLC-350), PRF-RO Replacement Carbon Post-filter, PRF-RO Replacement Carbon Pre-filter

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