DNA chain made up of water
Water Knowledge

Comparison of Different Water Purification Methods

Functions Pentair Everpure
+ Prefilter
+ Carbon Filter
Ceramic Filter Water Boiling Bottled
Distilled Water
Remove Bacteria Not Guaranteed Not Guaranteed Need to boil
water for at least
20 minutes to
kill germs and
bacteria thoroughly
Remove Chlorine Not Guaranteed Not Guaranteed Not Guaranteed
Eliminate other
chemical toxicants
Not Guaranteed Not Guaranteed
Remove impurities
and organic
Not Guaranteed Not Guaranteed
Reduce unpleasant
taste and odor
Not Guaranteed Not Guaranteed
With crisp taste Not Guaranteed The water lacks crisp
taste after boiling
The water lacks crisp
taste after boiling
The water lacks
crisp taste
Rated as top-notch
drinking water by NSF
International and US
Environmental Protection
  • UV wavelength 253.7 nm
    is needed for killing bacteria
  • Efficiency will be
    diminished by time
  • Hard to define the standard
Standards vary from
brand to brand
Few brands are
NSF certified
  • Sanitary cartridge replacement
    is simple, quick and clean
  • Internal filter parts are
    never exposed to handling or
  • Regular water tests and UV
    tube replacement are required
  • Built-in tubes cannot be replaced
  • Frequency of filter replacement
    varies for different brands
  • Need to wash the case
    and the liner during
    filter replacement
  • The pores will
    easily be damaged
    during washing
  • There are unreachable
    parts that cannot
    be cleaned
It takes time
for the boiling and
cooling of water
before drinking
  • Manpower is
    needed for delivery
  • Storage space
    is required
With no power
or fuel oil
  • Continuous supply of
    electricity is needed
    for UV tube
  • Water Boiling
    is required

Water Boiling is required

Water Boiling is required
Cost Effectiveness $0.08 – $0.25/litre 24小時耗電
$0.35 – $0.5/litre
$0.25 – $0.5/litre $0.25/litre $20-60/carboy
(18.9 litres)
$1 – $3/litre